February 2023

Six incredible films from unsigned directors, curated from the shots Unsigned archive. Watch, enjoy and share


Eudemonia is a film showcasing a different side of snowboarding, one with foundations in the power of positive psychology and the drive to experience the often chased ‘flow state’.

Directed by Fabian F. Fuchs – Germany

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Axel Boman - Out Sailing feat. Man Tear & Inre Frid

A mesmerising project crafted using entirely Google Street View images.

Directed by Adam Chitayat – USA

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Just One More Flower

A film about destination addiction, the preoccupation with the idea that happiness is elsewhere.

Directed by Kit Pilosof – USA

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Kindred Bodies

Shot in one-take, Kindred Bodies is a representation of the delicate relationship between vulnerability and empathy.

Directed by Tony Wang – USA

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Library of Paradise, Garden of Pain

In a luscious garden, a sickly man is cared for by a group of strange librarians.

Directed by Chris Childs – UK

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Sour Face - Human Killer

A loner’s sadistic purification ritual is on display in this disturbing music video.

Directed by Joe Mischo – USA

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