March 2024

Five incredible films from unsigned directors, curated from the shots Unsigned archive. Watch, enjoy and share

Wet Paint

When Robert Pammen, an old school painter from London, saw a telephone box near his home that looked run down, he decided to give it a fresh coat of paint...

Directed by Matthieu Livingston – UK

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Nameless You

This work is based on Internal Family Systems.

Directed by Zen Pace – USA

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A Forgotten Emergency - Médecins Sans Frontières

A Forgotten Emergency aims to break the abortion taboo and show that all women have a right to self-determined and safe abortion. Everywhere.

Directed by Juliane Taudt – Germany

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Climb Higher - São Paulo

We follow Commander Jaja, a news helicopter pilot, and see São Paulo from his point of view.

Directed by Drew Vaughan – USA

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The structure is a palindrome (like the word ‘rotator’) which means it will play (or read) backwards the same as it does forwards.

Directed by Simon Russell – UK

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